Changing Attitudes

Image - Dispelling Myths PresentersWrong assumptions, condescending speech and behavior, and avoidance of people with obvious or hidden disabilities are the biggest barriers to building inclusive communities. We strive to change misconceptions about people with disabilities and their families.  Yad HaChazakah-JDEC staff and volunteers present at shuls, synagogues, yeshivas, day schools, and special events and we use media to convey our messages to larger audiences.

Would you like to join us in changing attitudes? Would you like us to speak at your synagogue, yeshiva, organization, or business? Contact us at or call 646-723-3956.

Expanding Access

Image - Ramp to shul bimaWork with us in expanding physical and communication access and inclusiveness for people with physical, vision, and hearing disabilities to shuls, yeshivas, batei midrash, stores, agencies, mikvahs, and events.  Whether you’re a the owner of a store, or a leader of a congregation or yeshiva, please email or phone/relay 646-723-3656 for guidance regarding making your place and services accessible to people with disabilities.

If you’re a person with a disability who is experiencing barriers to Jewish community participation, please email or phone/relay 646-723-3955.

Neighbor Helping Neighbor

Image - Two clasping helping handsEveryone needs help now and then. People with disabilities often have specific needs for help.  A person who is blind may need help reading mail.  A wheelchair user might need some household assistance when his wife goes in for surgery.

Yad HaChazakah-JDEC can arrange training for members of your local chessed committee or Bikkur Cholim about how to work with people with different conditions in the most respectful way.  We also recruit and assign volunteers when possible and we encourage people with disabilities to volunteer or help with training.