Groups and Networks

Image - Discussion Scene - MenGroups and networks provide valuable support and information. Yad HaChazakah-JDEC organizes and promotes a variety of in-person, phone, and online groups and networks for people with common interests related to living with disability or ongoing conditions in Jewish communities.

Contact us at to get or share information about specific groups or to start one of your own. We will post relevant support group events on our website, on our Facebook page [click here to become a fan on Facebook], and on our Torah Disability Network group on Google [click here to join the Google group].


“Make for yourself a Rav (a teacher or mentor)…” Pirkei Avos (Ethics of the Fathers Chapter 1, Mishna 6).Image - Man Boosting Another Man Upwards

Are you a person looking to learn or teach

  • A specific life skill
  • Ways to adjust to a particular disability or a new stage of life?

Or, do you just want to connect with someone who shares similar interests and backgrounds? We can work with you to find or become a mentor or mentee.

To find out more about our Mentorship program please call 646-723-3955 or email  Please type ‘Mentorship’ in the subject line.  Yad HaChazakah-JDEC staff will orient, interview, select, train, and supervise all potential mentors.

Friendly Contacts

Image - HandshakeMany people with disabilities or health conditions or their family members can feel isolated. Whether someone has physical difficulty leaving his or her home or feels not quite understood by peers, he or she craves contact with someone who cares.  Friendly contacts are Jews with disabilities or family members in any location that are matched with others according to common backgrounds, experiences, and / or interests.

The friendly contact relationship is based in mutuality – not in chesed.  Both parties are to benefit from being friendly contacts to each other. Contacts are asked to interact with each other at least once per week either in person, by phone, or by email or instant messaging. The length of time of a single contact session may be as brief or as long as agreed upon by the two parties.

To find out more about the friendly contact program please call 646-723-3955 or email Please type ‘Friendly Contacts’ in the subject line.